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Check out some free video previews of my favorite scenes... You can stream all of my movies directly to your PC, Mac, Android, or iDevice so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime, in the highest quality, all without having to wait for them to download! And as an added bonus I also have around 200 Screen Snaps of each movie as well as my usual High Quality Picture Stills. I also take requests for scenes so if you have a dirty little fantasy that you want to see me fulfill then don't waist any time, just JOIN NOW and lets start having some seriously naughty fun. xoxo Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Flash Brown
30 Mins
"Traveling for work can be so lonely at times that I was super excited to bump into a fuck buddy of mine, Flash Brown at Los Angeles LAX airport. Flash and I didn't waste any time at our hotel room and I honestly couldn't wait to get that huge black cock of his in my mouth and cunt. Dressed only in black stocking with a hot pink seam I ride this brother bare back as he pounds my tight little snatch. Watch him cum all over my huge tits as I greedily beg him for his seed." - Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Julius Ceaser
17 Mins
"Sometimes I just can't get enough big black cock! I love to give them blowjobs and bounce on them, and have my pussy stuffed from behind with them. Julius is one of my fave fuck buddies with a huge black cock. He knows exactly how to pound a white girl right. Watch us suck and fuck like the pros we are! He's so big I can't even get all of his cock in my mouth. I totally let him fill me up with his seed even though I'm not on birth control :)" - Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Shane Diesel
33 Mins
"I was all alone and feeling horny so I called my husband at work but he was too busy to worry about me so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Just as I was starting to feel relaxed I heard someone breaking into my home. I hid behind the bed and watched this hot black guy ransacking my bedroom. Being the horny housewife slut that I am I confronted him. It didn't take much for me to start sucking and fucking him right there on my marital bed. I couldn't get enough of his monster thug cock." - Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Johnny Slim
36 Mins
"When I met Johnny Slim recently I knew I had to have his black cock. So I went to his house so we could get to know each other a little better. We were so horny we couldn't even make it up to his bedroom so we decided to just fuck on the stairs, starting with taking his whole cock in a blowjob. As usual I'm dressed like a slut in fishnet stockings, black heels, and not much else. I loved taking his load all over face and huge tits." - Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Danny Blaq
29 Mins
"White boys, take notes! I thought it was about time that I tried to explain to all you little dick white boys exactly why I fuck black men. I love the way they handle me, their bodies, and the way they fuck. They have big tongues and even bigger dicks. They talk so dirty when I fuck them, it just makes me super wet. You will never have my pussy so you might as well jack your little white dick at home and watch me be a slut for another black stud." - Katie Kox
Starring: Katie Kox, Jon Jon
47 Mins
"I recently won a radio competition to meet Hip Hop star Jon Jon at his post production music studio. I was feeling instantly horny when I saw him in person, and wanted his big black cock right away. I decided to not wear any panties so that I'd have the best chance of getting to suck some dick. But I really lucked out when he decided to stick a but plug in my ass and fuck me bareback till his balls emptied his rap juice in my womb. I felt like a real winner!" - Katie Kox
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